Flower Expo TV Presents: Top 5 Infused Beverages in Michigan – February 2024

Today on Flower Expo TV, we’ll be looking at the top 5 cannabis-infused beverages making waves right now in Michigan. Let’s dive in:

5. Happi

Crafted with precision, Happi’s infused seltzers bring a bubbly twist to the cannabis experience. With a variety of flavors, these sparkling beverages provide a refreshing experience, and relatively low THC concentrations ensure you’ll likely have more than one.

4. Tonic Beverage Co

Offering a sophisticated approach to cannabis beverages, Tonic’s carefully crafted drinks blend high-quality ingredients with varying concentrations of THC and CBD, providing a unique and uplifting experience.

3. Mary Jones Soda

The Jones soda brand is now offering an THC-infused twist on its popular drinks. These sodas offer a nostalgic yet elevated experience, delivering delicious flavors and multiple potency options.

2.Highly Casual

This brand lives up to its name by offering a laid-back and enjoyable cannabis beverage experience. These flavorful seltzers are easy to drink and highly popular in the state, and their mild potency allows for an easy-drinking experience.

1. Pleasanteas

These infused iced teas provide one of the more unique experiences in cannabis beverages today. With well-balanced potency and classic iced tea flavors like raspberry, peach, and lemon, Pleasanteas are a refreshing and delicious choice that’s sure to impress.

That concludes our top 5 cannabis beverages in Michigan. Be sure to let us know your favorites, or if there’s any we missed, in the comments. Thanks for watching Flower Expo TV!