Flower Expo TV | Cannabis Industry News | Oct. 18, 2023

Welcome to Flower Expo TV’s Newsbite, your source for the latest insights and updates in the B2B Cannabis Industry. In this episode, airing on October 18th, 2023, we delve deep into the dynamic world cannabis business, providing you with valuable information, trends, and news you need to stay ahead in the industry.

Title: States Made More Than $5.7 Billion in Marijuana Tax Revenue Over 18-Month Period, New Federal Census Bureau Report Shows
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Summary: A recent federal Census Bureau report reveals that U.S. states generated over $5.7 billion in tax revenue from marijuana sales during an 18-month period. This data highlights the substantial economic impact of the legal cannabis industry on state budgets.
Title: This CEO is Making History in Massachusetts Cannabis Industry
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Summary: The article features a CEO in the Massachusetts cannabis industry who is breaking new ground. It provides insights into the individual’s achievements and the impact they are making in the state’s evolving cannabis market.
Title: California Bans Marijuana Pre-Employment Screening
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Summary: California recently implemented a ban on pre-employment screening for marijuana, marking a significant shift in employment practices in the state. The article delves into the implications of this new policy for both employers and job seekers.
Title: Big Island Grown Completes First Legal Hawaii Transfer of Cannabis Between Islands
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Summary: Big Island Grown has achieved the first legal transfer of cannabis between Hawaiian islands, signifying a milestone in the state’s emerging legal cannabis market. The article discusses the significance of this event for the local industry and consumers.
Title: Chicago-Based Cannabis Cafe Opens on State Street
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Summary: A Chicago-based cannabis cafe has opened its doors on State Street, offering a unique space for cannabis enthusiasts to gather, enjoy products, and engage with the local cannabis community. The article provides insights into this new establishment and its impact on the Chicago cannabis scene.

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